Meet the Team

Marni Derr

Writer / Designer / Production

Marni has over 27 years in the technical publications industry. She began her career as a technical writer working for hardware and software companies. In 2008 she published one of the first books on the Joomla! CMS. For the last 8 years she has been helping creatives build web sites, training users, and helping authors in converting their books into ePub. She is now authoring a book on helping Indie Authors navigate writing, editing, and publishing, step-by-step.

Christopher Duncan

Christopher Duncan

Writer / Poet / Photographer

Christopher is a writer of somewhat dark/realist poetry and fiction, and sometimes goes under the pen name Draco. Born in Liverpool, England he grew up in Sydney, Australia and has traveled the world many times. He now resides in the USA writing and photographing the world around us. With so many photos on hand, he is now adding them to his books. Christopher assists authors in setting up accounts and distributing books to Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, and iBooks.

Our Partners

Jelen Publishing and Cue Raven partnered in 2016 to help all authors realize their dream of publication. As a highly successful agent of traditional publishing Carole's industry expertise can help guide authors through marketing, building their platform, and publishing their work. With this partnership authors are provided a traditional quality publishing team with a more personalized approach. 

Carole Jelen

Agent / Author / Editor

Carole Jelen’s publishing career spans two decades as literary agent plus a decade as publishing editor for three major publishing houses. Founder of Jelen Publishing and VP/Literary Agent at Waterside Productions, Jelen builds writing careers for top selling authors and grows publishing relationships resulting in millions of books sold. Carole teaches author platform tricks, techniques and strategies in workshops and webinars.

Build Your Author Platform

A Few of Our Authors

The following is a sampling of authors we work with. Some are moving from traditional publications into self-publishing. Some are new to the world of authorship. You can find more examples of our work on our Services pages. 

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David Busch

David Busch's Fast Track Guides

With more than 2 million books in print, David D. Busch is the world's #1 selling author of camera-specific guidebooks, and the originator of popular series like David Busch's Pro Secrets, David Busch's Compact Field Guides, David Busch's Guides to Digital SLR Photography, and David Busch's Quick Snap Guides. 

David is now publishing his own Fast Track Guide series under his own imprint Laserfaire Press while Cue Raven and Jelen Publishing handle the formatting, layout, production, and distribution.

Lorelynn Mirage Cardo Ph.D

Daily DeLights Engagement Journal

Dr. Lorelynn Mirage Cardo Dr. Lorelynn Mirage Cardo is the Director of Arise, a counseling, healing and enrichment center in Portland. Lorelynn has extensive training as a psychological counselor, educator, and healer. She is a published writer, national lecturer, researcher, and pioneer in holistic health, wellness and education. Lorelynn is also a certified Reiki and Karuna Reiki Master. She’s created 2 unique healing methods which she calls Language of Light Healing and Spectrum Energetics.

This year Lorelynn began creating her new Lightworkers series of books. Cue Raven provided the template, interior design and layout, and handled the distribution for this exciting, art-filled Journal. 

Christopher Duncan - Poetry Books

Christopher Duncan

How could we possibly help you if we weren't writers ourselves and lived through the process!

Chris has been writing since childhood, and with stacks of manuscripts hidden in boxes and drawers he has finally decided to unleash his works upon the world! 

Taking his dark meanderings and combining them with his photography (those cover pictures are his), his poetry will take you down dark roads and back alleys that we sometimes can't see in the light of day. 

For Chris' work, we produced text only ePub versions. For the print and iBook versions we are including his vivid photography.

A Few of Our Web Sites

The following is a sampling of web sites we created. We specialize in working with authors, artists, and small businesses. We currently own and operate our own business sites, author sites, and blogs.

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