The Tree


Enervated I lay beneath the tall dark tree and I let it’s branches envelop me.

too long i sat next to its shadowy bark and soon it began to leave its mark.

It’s leaves they sang to me a taunting little melody.,it cut my soul right out of my chest making me believe it was for the best.

Alone and afraid i let it lull  me to rest , my heart beating slower and slower in my chest .

Intangled in its roots It drug me under to place I’d spend my eternal slumber .

When in my last hours I cried out for solace

But thoes who could hear, they dare not come near ,for fear they too may become in snared.

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Our Love

Our love  came in Full throttle ,with a kick start like drinking straight from the bottle.

I didn’t even see it coming , all of a sudden he was running.

With a flash and a pop  the lights went out .

Every thing faded to black and I was back in the pine box I thought I’d been rescued from.

My  hearts been shattered , dreams splattered .

All that’s left is an outline of everything thing I thought mattered .

No sign of  hope , but I can’t yet morn. left here to sit and wait while he    determines  our fate.


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Last night was the best night of my life .
I can’t wait till we become man and wife.
I love the taste of your sweet kiss, it’s a feeling I don’t ever want to miss .

The way you hold me, oh so tight , you make everything just right .

You touch my heart and and make me whole ,you are the mate to my soul .
I knew the moment our eyes met , this is where my forever would be spent .

You’ll be my last that much is true ,I’ll spend the rest of my life in love with you.

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The Girl

I’m the girl that believes that what comes around goes around.

The one that hopes for a  better day.

The one that won’t give up on you.

I’m the girl that’s unlike the rest.

The one who tries to be her best.

The one that spent her days smiling ,and her nights crying.

I’m the girl that would love to be loved.

The one that looks so damn strong , but feels so weak.

And i’m the girl that will pick myself up and stand on my own two feet.Jane2

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Star Crossed

Doomed to be star crossed lovers

destined to suffer in the if only,

Hearts shrouded in misery.

searching for a way to cast off the shackles of my duplicities.

If there was a way to take back the pain

would i swallow my shame

Or would i suffer and do it all the same.

You placed a yearning deep in my soul

An aching burning need i can’t control

For no love can ever compare to the bond we share.

My lover , my lover

oh where can you be ?

six feet under and waiting for me.                 DSC_0794-002




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