What We Do

Cue Raven & Jelen Publishing Services

Book Formatting & Distribution

We can craft the perfect template for your book and future books; Help you with publishing distribution in eBook and Print; Guide you through the best services and cost savings for your type of book maximizing your royalties.

Writing & Editing Services

Writing: Technical documentation and manuals. Website content and articles. Customized training. 
Editing: Copyediting, technical editing, and proofreading for fiction and non-fiction.

Web Sites for Authors & Artists

Joomla or Wordpress

We offer website design, development, training, and consulting.

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What We Don't Do

We do not charge royalties on your work. We are a fee-for-service based publishing team. You only pay for those services you use. Once your book is published, you keep 100% of your earnings.

We will not sell you extra services. Although we can help you with all aspects of self-publishing, from cover design, to book layout, to publication, we will only offer those services you ask for and/or need assistance with.

In working with our publishing team our goal is to utilize proven, industry experts in providing you self-publishing services and expertise with traditional publishing quality.