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Writing & Publishing

Although we can’t write for you, our hope is to help inspire you. As writers ourselves, our blog and tutorials cover all aspects of the creative life; From the sometimes tediousness of story structure and outlines, to what applications or books can help you most along the way.

p.s. All courses and tutorials are completely FREE!

Editing & Proofreading

Editing and proofreading are absolutely necessary, but not always easily affordable in the early stages of our writing careers.

Fortunately there are numerous ways to help authors NEVER MISS THIS STEP!

Formatting, Layout, and Distribution. Oh My!

Cue Raven Publishing can help with formatting, layout, and distribution of your work:

  • Learn through our do-it-yourself tutorials.
  • Download one of our guides or workbooks.
  • Pass it along to us.

Fiction Novels up to 500 pgs.

  • eBook format – $250.00
  • Print Format – $250.00
  • Book cover – $250.00

Non-Fiction up to 500 pgs.

  • eBook format – $500.00
  • Print Format – $500.00
  • Book cover – $250.00

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Author Platforms & Websites

Cue Raven Publishing is more than just a publishing and consulting service. We host a number of websites for creatives.

We host a creative online community where writers and artists come together to learn, discuss, share, and promote their work at https://writerslatte.com.

We can teach you how to create, manage, and use your website over at https://webcafeclub.com.

We manage and run our own WordPress Author Platforms:
Christopher E. Duncan & Elle Weickes

We manage two social communities:
The Comic Raven & The Angry Hippy


Joomla & WordPress Web Site Training, Development and Design

We specialize in Joomla and WordPress development and design since 2005.

We Offer:

  • Joomla & WordPress Training
  • Custom Documentation
  • Social Networks
  • Micro-communites

Pricing for Joomla based web sites start at:

  • WordPress: $500 – $2,500.00
  • Joomla Basic: $2,500.00 – $10,000
  • Social Communities/Networks: Custom Quote

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