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Now, unlike any other time in history, writers can take control of their career, their dreams, and their success. But are we treating this revolution with the respect, care, investment, and patience needed to keep us on the yellow brick road?
Simply setting a font size and letting the conversion process from your word processor to the bookstore is not enough to ensure your ebook is going to be formatted correctly. In this article we discuss how you can create your own template and reduce your frustration.
Bestseller! 100 Reviews! 50,000 Copies Sold! These terms are now being self-assigned to every other ebook, every other day. Like anything else that becomes over-used authors are diluting these terms and readers are becoming understandably upset. So should you, author.

What We Do

Author eBooks

eBook Formatting and Templates

Once the writing is done, your book needs the final digital polish.

In order to make the conversion from word processor to eBook authors need to start with a solid foundation. That foundation is 'your' template. A solid book template helps minimize issues, saves time, and presents a professional, polished, and consistent look and feel across reading devices.

Cue Raven specializes in not only creating a master template for your work, but we can also help you format your books for iBooks, Kindle, Nook, and PDF for download and Print on Demand. We provide writing templates in Microsoft Word, Pages, InDesign, or iBooks Author.

eBook Formatting and Templates

eBook Formatting

Your book + Your personalized template = A consistent format across devices and booksellers.

Publishing and Distribution

Help with Publishing and Distribution

Distribution to Amazon, Kobo, Barnes & Noble, and the iTunes/iBooks store

Either with us, or through one of our partners, navigating the waters of distribution can be a confusing and time consuming task. We are here to help.

Through tutorials and blog posts we help you navigate the waters of publication and distribution. Each bookseller has its own nuances, rules, and regulations. From fiction to non-fiction, technical manuals or workbooks, we can help you get it right the first time, and make it easier for the many books that will follow.

Help with Publishing and Distribution

Publication and Distribution

Distribution to: Amazon, Kobo, Barnes & Noble, iTunes/iBooks, and Ingram Spark.

Author Web Sites

Professional Websites Made Easy

Authors need an author platform, and that platform starts with your web site.

Whether you’re building a web site for your books or your blog, or a little bit of both. As you should, you are a writer, right? Cue Raven Publishing can help you add that extra polish.

We provide help and/or training using WordPress or Joomla so you can do what you do best, write. If you really don't want to deal with the setup and design yourself, we also offer authors special rates on getting your initial site up and running quickly.

Professional Websites Made Easy

Author Web Sites

Need help with your web site? We specialize in author web sites and blogs. We can help you find the right tools all authors need online.

Technical Documentation

Technical Documentation - User, Training, Software, and Hardware.

Over 27 years writing, editing, and formating technical manuals, training, and documentation.

Technical documentation and training. Our projects have covered everything from User Guides to Hardware Manuals. We specialize in taking your product, application, software, or platform and transform that information for any audience.

Technical Documentation - User, Training, Software, and Hardware.

Technical Manuals

Over 27 years writing, editing, and formating technical documentation.

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