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Below is a list of our past, present, and future projects. Join a club, follow a blog, find a new author, or contact us if you need help.

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Cue Raven Online Communities

WritersLatte Club

A community for all creatives – though the focus is books and authors – artists, musicians, photographers, videographers, and bloggers will all find something here.

Creative endeavours all overlap. Give it a try!

Angry Hippy Club

Gardeners, crafters, homemakers, cooks and chemists. It’s all about health, happiness and Sustainability. From small urban gardens to living off the grid and off the land. 

If you can grow it or raise it, you can find information and support here. 


Detectourists Club

Metal detecting. Treasure hunting. Flea Market and side of the road goodies. We aren’t hoarders, we’re collectors. Bits, bobbles, and everything in between.

Coming 2022.

Journolistic Club

History is important. Every journey is important. Your journey should be noted. A club for journaling & scrapbooking the lives we live. The impact we make. The stories we tell.

Coming 2022

Websites & Platforms

Christopher e Duncan

Dark realist fiction, poetry and prose.

Author of the new Domiel Broken Genesis Series and Porter.

Elle Weickes

Metafizics. Murder. Mystery. Love.

Author of the Constellation Cafe Series and the Tea Harbor murder mystery series.

Marni Derr

This is my technical writing and teaching persona.

All things tech and digital… and dragon slaying. Though I like dragons.

Book Formatting & Publishing

Training & Documentation