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Though our main focus is on our member communities and creations, we do take on a few clients each year.
We build websites, author platforms, and book stages. We format book covers and interior content for publication and help teach others how to format and publish their work.

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Books & Publishing

Since 2005 we’ve been helping authors layout and format their books in both fiction and non-fiction.

      • Print
      • PDF
      • Kindle
      • ePub
      • Covers & Interiors

Training & Documentation

I’ve been a technical writer and author since 2000. Working at Xerox, Tektronix, Freightliner, Adobe, AQUA/Nike, and contracting with many more software and hardware companies. I co-authored one of the first books on the Joomla CMS. I love teaching people how to be self-sufficient through documentation and tutorials.

Right now I specialize in Joomla and WordPress plus extensions and plugins. I also document how to use writing tools and software, i.e., Vellum, Scrivener, etc.

Website Development & Hosting

In 2005 I went back to Portland State University and completed a 2 year course in Internet & Multi-Media. From there I began building, hosting, and teaching people how build websites and digitize their work.

Community Portals

Cue Raven’s focus is on creating a community portal that helps creatives earn a living doing what they love. While our focus is writers, books, and websites it includes all creators from musicians to crafters to cooks and gardeners.

The Cue Raven Hub is a portal and club dedicated to helping creatives turn their passions, their artistic expression into a lucrative business.

Joining the Hub allows you to:

  • Interact with a creative community
  • Provides easy access to all our sites and authors
  • Allows you to promote and market your work
  • Focus:
    • Writing & Publishing
    • Website creation
    • Home & Garden

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