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Marni Derr

Marni Derr

Writer | Web Design | Artist | Consultant

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I specialize in micro-communities, author blogs & platforms, teaching, training, and design.

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A Brief Summary About Me


Technical Writer: 25 years as a technical writer. Companies I’ve worked for: Xerox, Tektronix, Adobe, Frieghtliner, AKQA (Nike project), and many agencies needing quick documentation turnaround projects. I specialize in both hardware and software documentation, API documentation, online and software help systems, and training.

Fiction Writer: For years (dare I say my whole life?) I’ve wanted to write fiction, and I have. None published, nor finished yet. Then one day you meet the right person and together you pull off miracles. My partner and I have taken the plunge and are well into realizing our Fiction dreams…


Formatting: I create templates and format books for ePub, .MOBI, PDF, Kindle and Print. Some of my clients; David Busch, Bob “Dr. Mac” Levitus, and Lorelynn Mirage Cardo.

Publishing & Distribution: I can help with publishing and distribution through Ingram, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, and selling your work on your own website.

Training: I write and maintain tutorials and courses on how to self-publish, use Joomla & WordPress to build websites, and how to brand and market your work.

Web Designer

Joomla: I am a Joomla frontend developer and designer. I wrote one of the first books published on how to use Joomla in 2008 by Peach Pit press which was translated into 4 languages. (Since, horribly outdated!) I can help you create, design, and maintain a Joomla based website or micro-community/network.

WordPress: I run a creative network of WordPress blogs and Author platforms. I can help you create and design a WordPress site for your platform, blog, or business.

Creative Splatz

Artist: I’ve been drawing, crafting, and painting since childhood. Though time has not been in favor of my hobby, I hope to get back on that horse in the coming months.

Journaling: I believe your journey should be noted. I am in the process of creating holistic journals for writers, gardeners, and hobbyists.

Gardening: I love gardening. Not just for fresh herbs, veg, and fruits, but for the therapudic benefits as well. I maintain a blog on all things grown and growing, healthy alternatives for body and home, and sustainable living.

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